Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Basic of Webpage Designing

May times while creating a webpage we need to add tables or text blocks into the page.
I have posted a blog on designing the simple Html page in DIV tags.
You can find more information on following link…

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sharepoint Knowledge: Economic Impact of SharePoint Server 2010

I found this link very useful for Economic aspects of SharePoint Server 2010. You will find more information here….


Sharepoint Knowledge: Sharepoint Training Online....2010 and 2007

Sharepoint Knowledge: Sharepoint Training Online....2010 and 2007:

 "Take advantage whether your IT or Developer


Sharepoint Knowledge: Build Sharepoint Applications without code

Build Sharepoint Applications without code: Webparts360 AppStudio is an application development tool that makes it possible for business users to build collaborative solutions for SharePoint using intuitivevisual designers. So no coding required It provides a collection of components that provide the essential functions such as data entry, transaction processing, reporting and navigation to make it possibleto build solutions such as project management, process approvals, business dashboards and etc... without having to write any programs.Visit http://www.webparts360.com/ for more details.

7 Free .NET Development and Architecture E-books

Quick list of Useful free e-Books for .NET programmers and architects.
Guy who can code, but who is concerned about coding methods can get most of it…


Sharepoint Knowledge: Sharepoint 2010 - Visio Services

Sharepoint Knowledge: Sharepoint 2010 - Visio Services: "Sharepoint 2010 has gone further and given us more rich exposure to Business Intelligence. Below are the BI components in 2010 . This, over..."