Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning

This article provides an overview of how to effectively plan and manage the capacity of SharePoint 2010 environments. This article also describes how to maintain a good understanding of the capacity needs and capabilities of your deployment, by analysis of performance and volume data.

Capacity management is an ongoing process, You need to plan for growth and change, so that your SharePoint Server 2010–based environment can continue to deliver an effective business solution.
The capacity management model includes additional steps to help you validate and tune the initial architecture, and provides a feedback loop for re-planning and optimizing the production environment until it can support design goals with optimal choices of hardware, topology, and configuration.

# The following specialized terms are used in SharePoint 2010 capacity management:

RPS:   Requests per second. The number of requests received by a farm or server in one second.
Peak hours:   The time or times during the day when load on the farm is at its maximum.
Peak load :  The average maximum daily load on the farm, measured in RPS.
Load spike:   Transient load peaks that fall outside usual peak hours. These can be caused by unplanned increases in user traffic, decreased farm throughput because of administrative operations, or combinations of such factors.
Scale up:   To scale up means to add resources such as processors or memory to a server.
Scale out :  To scale out means to add more servers to a farm.
Throughput:  Throughput is defined as the number of concurrent requests that a server or server farm can process.

# Limits and boundaries:
Web application limits

Content database size ( general usage scenarios)
200 GB per content database
Content database items
60 million items including documents and list items
Site collections per content database
2,000 recommended
5,000 maximum
Web site
250,000 per site collection
Site collection size
Maximum size of the content database
Web parts
25 per wiki or Web part page

List and library limits
The following table lists the recommended guidelines for lists and libraries.
List row size8,000 bytes per row
File sizeThe default maximum file size is 50 MB and  Maximum 2 GB.
Documents30,000,000 per library
Major versions400000
Items30,000,000 per list
List view lookup threshold8 join operations per query
List view threshold5000
List view threshold for auditors and administrators20000
Subsite2,000 per site view

Column limits
SharePoint Server 2010 data is stored in SQL Server tables.

Single line of text28 bytes
Multiple Lines of Text28 bytes
Choice28 bytes
Number12 bytes
Date and Time12 bytes
Lookup4 bytes
Yes / No5 bytes
Person or group4 bytes
Hyperlink or picture56 bytes
Calculated28 bytes

Blog limits
The following table lists the recommended guidelines for blogs.

Blog posts5,000 per site
Comments1,000 per post

Groups limits 

Number of SharePoint groups a user can belong to5000
Users in a site collection2 million per site collection
Active Directory Principles/Users in a SharePoint group5,000 per SharePoint group
SharePoint groups10,000 per site collection

2.       Column limits

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