Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search Error and Event ID:2424

This issue occurs when the service account for the Windows SharePoint Services Search service is configured to use the Network Service account And SharePoint Central Administration App Pool is not running on Network Service.

Following are the steps to resolved this issue....

A. Configure SharePoint Central Administration App Pool
1. Go to IIS Manager (inetmgr.exe)

2. Open Application Pools >  SharePoint Central Administartion > (Right Click) > Properties
3. In Properties > Click on Identity Tab > Select Predefined as Network Service. > Ok
4. Start Central Admin Site.

B. Configure Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search  Service
1. Go to Services (Start > Control Panel >Administrative Tools > Services)

2. Go to Peoperties of Windows SharePoint Services Search.
3. In Logon Tab Select Log on as: This Account .
4. Type a name as " NT AUTHORITY\LocalService " . No need to provide passwords keep it blank.
5.Click On OK and Restart the Service.

C. Configure Central Admin Site                                                

1. Open Central Admin Site > Application Managment > (Search) Manage search service

2. In " Query and Index Servers " section click on " Microsoft Search Server Indexing and Query ".

3. " Configure Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings " page will be open.

4. Then in " Farm Search Service Account  " section , Select "Select an account for this component  " >
* Predefined > [Network Services].  >Click on OK.
5. Then Start Full Crawl from SharedServices.

---------Look at that our search is working fine!--------------------------------------------
Enjoy !


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